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How YOU can use motivational cartoons in your business!

January 21, 2009

I had a recent request to licence my ROAD TO SUCCESS cartoon from Charmaine Pollard of CP-Counselling & Consulting.

Road To Success!

Road To Success!

Her initial email was…Further to our conversation earlier, I would like you to provide a sketch/rework of your  ‘it‚s the road to success’ cartoon and amend it to: It‚s the road to
Confidence and uses the below sign posts.

1.    Well defined Goals
2.    Self praise
3.    Believe that you deserve the best
4.    Being assertive
5.    Managing stress & anxiety
6.    Positive thoughts
7.    Don‚t quit
8.    Self acceptance
9.    Stepping out of your comfort zone
10.   Taking action

Please ensure Confidence is in a large size font.

The image will be the front page of a hand out which I will give to
participants, on A4 size paper.

Here’s the finished piece…

Road to Confidence!

Road to Confidence!

Having been skeptical about trying out a new company especially from the internet without any recommendations, I can honestly say. Richard Duszczak of Cartoon Studio Ltd’s work is amazing, his turn around time was exceptionally fast, and any requests for amendments were literally carried out in minutes.

I definitely will work with Cartoon Studio Ltd again, I am always keen to work with professional people, particularly those who are passionate about their work, provide an excellent level of professionalism and are exceptionally skilled at their work.

Charmaine Pollard
Principal Consultant

So, as you can see I’m always happy to work with you on your business ideas.

End of shameless plug!


Cartoon to illustrate – Taking Meaningful Action to Get What You Want!

January 9, 2009

I came across this proverb and immediately had this idea come to mind…

An old proverb epitomizes the wait-and-see mentality of many people: “Man who stand on top of mountain with mouth open wait long time for roast turkey to fly in!”

It's going to be a LONG WAIT!

It's going to be a LONG WAIT!

So the point here is TAKE ACTION – no matter how small, as long it is in the direction you want to go!