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Characteristics of a successful footballer – cartoon!

January 30, 2009
Characteristics of a Successful Footballer

Characteristics of a Successful Footballer

A recent client ask for some motivational football/soccer cartoons, above is a half finished cartoon I came across while looking for something in my archives for ‘success characteristics’.

I'm a GENIUS - ball control.

I'm a GENIUS - ball control.

You can see this other motivational football/soccer cartoons at the following URL….

Another cartoon from Smile Your Way To Success!

May 30, 2008

Humour is one of the greatest environments in which you can learn some of your greatest lessons. So with the humour exuding from Richard’s cartoons and the seriousness of some of my writing that accompanies them, you will be supplied with a perfectly combined motivator that will be fixed in your mind and heart for many years to come.
Mentally and visually stimulated, you too will be challenged and equipped to be the very best that you were created to become.
Peter Sinclair
“…where Quality Motivational Content is Paramount!”

Pull it out and forget about it - move on!

When a prickle pierces a bare foot, all the body is concerned about at that moment is how to alleviate the pain that has just penetrated its space. Nothing else is important. A minor event has suddenly become a major and until that thorny prickle is removed, nothing else really matters. The best way to deal with such an event is to quickly remove the prickle and to continue on your way. Don’t stay there. Don’t stop. Refuse to be deterred by the interruption and continue to move forward in the pursuit of your dreams. Don’t be distracted from your plan. Move forward with confidence.