Extract from a book “Smile Your Way To Success’

This is another extract from a book "Smile Your Way To Success’
that I collaborated with Peter Sinclair on…
‘HAPPY PEOPLE use what they have and start where they
are in the pursuit of their DREAM.’

For years I lived my life waiting for the ‘one day’ to kick in.
After nearly ten years, when that ‘one day’ still hadn’t arrived,
I decided that it was probably time to really start to enjoy life.
My children were growing older and my years weren’t being
reversed. So rather than waiting for that illusive day, I decided
to start to live my life to the full. I made a decision to enjoy
every moment, while still focusing on my dream. In an instant,
happiness replaced anger. Fulfillment replaced frustration and
life became a pleasant experience. I analysed my strengths,
discarded my weaknesses and then strengthened my strengths
through practice. And as the song says, ‘Don’t worry, be happy!’
Words © Peter Sinclair


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