Biggest Loser – LOU ZERR cartoon character!

Lou-ZerrI’m negative, inadequate and definitely a loser as my name suggests.  If someone says I’m useless I will be. My waking hours are filled with problems and so are my dreams. I think defeat at every opportunity. My life is sad and lifeless. I’m only happy when I’ve lost.How bright is my future? A dark grey I’d say. A very dark shade of grey – nearly black. Ok totally black.

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2 Responses to “Biggest Loser – LOU ZERR cartoon character!”

  1. Elle Says:

    How awesomely accurate is this. Cringeworthy in fact it’s so good.
    Hope all is well with you


  2. Richard Says:

    Thanks for your comment!
    I drew this cartoon a few years ago and put it on the back burner thinking I should be concentrating on the positive characters/cartoons. But maybe I should also show the negative side of things in cartoons like this.
    Let me know – as I have many ideas that I drew up for this character.
    Best wishes,

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