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Cartoon to illustrate ‘Say Goodbye To Mediocrity!’

February 12, 2009

I’m a regular reader of Mike Litman’s blog and just had to share his latest post with you. I’ve added a cartoon I drew some time ago…

“You weren’t born to be in this room tonight.”
I said this to the audience of 200 people at a talk I did 2
weeks ago.
There was a few seconds of silence.
Many people starting shaking their heads up and down,
signaling “You’re right.”
“Mike, why did you say this to the audience?”
Good question amigo.
Throughout the night, many individuals were sharing their
stories of financial struggle, being at jobs they couldn’t
stand, and having too many negative people around them.
You, I, WE…we weren’t born to be average.
We weren’t born to strive for mediocrity in life.

Pulled down into Mediocrity - NO WAY!

Pulled down into Mediocrity - NO WAY!

We weren’t born to spend our lives at jobs we can’t stand.
When I said to the audience, “You weren’t born to be in this
room tonight”, here’s what I was really saying.
You were born for GREATNESS.
You were born to accomplish.
You were born to have fun, be happy, serve others, and be
You weren’t born to struggle unnecessarily.
Yes, I’m all for improving yourself and going to seminars.
I’ve been working on myself for years.
What I was getting across to them and now to you is this.
Make your move. Now.

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