What does the 100 Day Challenge consist of?

Motivation - Popping out of your computer screen!

Motivation popping out of your computer screen!

By choosing to participate in the 100 Day Challenge, you’ll have immediate access to:

  • A Massive Action Plan (MAP) that serves as your blueprint for the next 100 days.
  • 100 Daily Lessons with built in call to action exercises.
  • 100 Daily mp3 messages to compel you to act with a sense of urgency.
  • Inspiring videos that will continue to fuel your motivation.
  • Daily coaching insights and practical tips on performance improvement.
  • A suite of goal setting forms to be implemented each day of the challenge.
  • A daily After Action Review (AAR) exercise to help make course corrections.
  • Measurement and accountability tools for staying focused and consistent.
  • An Integrity Pledge that brings honor to your commitments, promises, and goals.
  • Screen saver and desktop reminders.
  • A series of web seminars where I’ll coach you to perform at your personal best.
  • The 100 Day Challenge is 100 days of non-stop accountability to ensure that all of your goals and dreams are achieved.

All program components will be digitally delivered for immediate client use.


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