Cartoon for the Attractor Factor piece by Joe Vitale…

I’ve read quite a few of Joe Vitale’s books and he’s inspired many cartoons.

Here’s a piece from the Attractor Factor…

Here’s a secret that may surprise you: When you
want something, but can live without having it,
you have upped the odds of your having it.

This is one of the ironies of life. As long as you are play-
fully desiring something, but not addicted to your having it,
the universe will most likely quickly bring it to you.

But as soon as you say, “I must have this,” you begin to
push it away.


Because you are sending out an energy to repel what you
say you want.

Because you are focused on need and not in the moment.

Because you haven’t learned the ultimate secret….

Let Go.

Cartoon - Let Go!

Cartoon - Let Go!

You can read up on Joe’s latest course…

Awaking Course

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