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Motivational cartoon to illustrate ‘Finish Strongly’!

September 25, 2008


I came across this very interesting piece from Elle at

which inspired this cartoon…

Today’s daily dose: Finish Strong
The winners are those people who finish strongly. The ones who win on the athletics track are the ones who train for beyond the winning line. They don’t see the winning line and say – hey it’s just there I can ease up now, I’ll stop doing all I can and just coast a little – I deserve it…after all I’ve been leading this race from the beginning. Or if they do, they are beaten by the people who are prepared to go beyond the winning line before they consider stopping.

Train for beyond the winning line!

Train for beyond the winning line!

Take any of the team sports. The players don’t just train so they can play for the exact length of time they have to play their games. What would happen if they went into extra time and had nothing left in the tank…who is the team going to win if that is the case? You got it…the team of people who had trained so they could run the extra few minutes to clinch the game.

In your business ventures – do you go that extra distance? Do you put in the time you need to ensure you are a success or are you prone to coasting at the crucial moments?

How about your personal fitness goals. Do you do all that you can? Or are you tempted to coast a little on the distance, the weights and the intensity of the workouts. Who are you cheating? Yes – you are cheating yourself by not doing all that you can.

Go that little bit further today. Stretch yourself and finish strong.

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