Remember: Motive plus Action = Motivation

I receive a daily email motivator from Elle at…

Today’s reminded me of an A-Z of cartoon motivators that I started a few years ago and got to about ‘h’ …I think.

\'A\' is for Action


Action is perhaps the most important key to getting more out of life. Dreams are important, but you can’t spend your entire life “dreaming” about how good things will be when….. (you can fill in your own blanks).

Ask  – what can I do today? Then do it. And yes it can be that simple if you’ve done your planning.

Don’t let doubt cloud your thinking. Don’t let the naysayers put you off doing what you know you should be doing. Show, don’t tell – how good your life will be when …

And it all comes down to Action….well when you know what you want and why you want “it” of course.

Remember: Motive plus Action = Motivation

Here’s another cartoon I did for a ‘His N Hers’ calendar a few years ago….

We\'re going to see some tremendous action here tonight.(TV presenter)



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