How To Customize How-To and Self-Help Info To Work For You!


Here’s an article by Bob Scheinfeld, Life Change Expert. On how to organize your self help material. You

might have a stack of stuff like myself that needs sorting out!

Most self-help writers, including the most popular ones, will freely admit that even their best ideas only work for about five percent of their readers. Why? Because they are one-size-fits-all remedies that either don’t fit your situation or aren’t easily put into action.

Customise your self help material!

As a 23 year veteran of the personal development field, I’ve seen many different self-help programs come and go. Most of them claim you have unlimited power and can create anything you consciously want — all you have to do is use the expert;’s techniques. That’s a nice theory, but it probably doesn’t match your day-to-day experience, does it?

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One Response to “How To Customize How-To and Self-Help Info To Work For You!”

  1. Madhusudhan Surya Says:

    Interesting & Stimulating posts in you blog.Worthy Info.

    Mind got enrgized..!!

    Keep Rocking..!!


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