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How To Customize How-To and Self-Help Info To Work For You!

February 28, 2008


Here’s an article by Bob Scheinfeld, Life Change Expert. On how to organize your self help material. You

might have a stack of stuff like myself that needs sorting out!

Most self-help writers, including the most popular ones, will freely admit that even their best ideas only work for about five percent of their readers. Why? Because they are one-size-fits-all remedies that either don’t fit your situation or aren’t easily put into action.

Customise your self help material!

As a 23 year veteran of the personal development field, I’ve seen many different self-help programs come and go. Most of them claim you have unlimited power and can create anything you consciously want — all you have to do is use the expert;’s techniques. That’s a nice theory, but it probably doesn’t match your day-to-day experience, does it?

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Cartoon Motivational Memo – another cartoon from the book!

February 25, 2008


Here’s another page from the book written by Peter Sinclair and

illustrated by yours truly!

‘Helping You To Smile Your Way To Success!’


‘I will embrace my liberty to commit to my own dreams

and because of this I will know TRUE FREEDOM.’

Freedom is your human right. You were not created to be imprisoned.

You were created to roam free. Free as a bird, knowing no limits.

No mountain is too high. No sea is too wide. Your future is awaiting you,

so what are you going to do about it? For you are an individual with

incredible talent. Your life is just one colour of humanities rainbow.

So go ahead and splash the world’s canvas with your brush. The world

is waiting to hear your voice, to see your contribution and to experience

the beat of your heart and the liberty of your life.

My Life - A Masterpiece!

Cartoon to illustrate Mike Litman’s great motivational article!

February 21, 2008

“Nobody will buy this product.”
“When everything is perfect, launch the product.”
“Your i’s and t’s aren’t dotted, don’t move.”
“You’re not ready to win, unless your product is an A+”
My friend, my fellow entrepreneur, the forces of ‘Get It Right’
will sink your entrepreneurial hopes.
You’ll sink faster than the Titanic.
The enemy of entrepreneurs that have never built million dollar+
businesses before is the ‘Get It Right’ crowd.
I don’t care if it’s your spouse.
Your family
Your friends.
It doesn’t matter.
If you wait until everything is ‘just right’ before you take
action, you’ll live in business quicksand and be in this same
place 5 years from now.

You will.
You don’t have to get it right.
Stop trying to be perfect.
It’s time to wage war on perfectionism. Join me in waging war on
a mindset that doesn’t exist and that will never exist.
Snap out of it. Snap out of the employee brainwashing.
Yes, your boss wants perfection.
Amigo, do not bring that mindset to the business you’re building
on the side.
Do not.
The ‘Get It Right’ philosophy is sinking the greatness that
lives inside of you.

For the rest of this piece follow this link….Don’t Listen To Them – Don’t! by Mike Litman

Another ‘Pozz Tivv’ cartoon strip dug out of the archives!

February 16, 2008


Here’s another ‘Pozzy Tivv’ cartoon strip I’ve just come across in my files. For some reason it still tickles my funny bone after a number of years gathering cyber dust on my web site.

Pozzy Tivv cartoon strip!


February 14, 2008


Shameless plug…

I’ve been an cartoonist for over twenty five years, and I’ve drawn all kinds of comics, posters, postcards etc. and I can tell you that they come in very handy when looking to motivate people. I’ve done them for companies that used them to inspire their staff, their sales team and even their colleagues to work harder, faster, and better.

Cracked It cartoon

You’ll be amazed at how effective they can be. It all goes back to the simple fact that a little humour goes a long way toward helping people to remember things. Also, as it’s done via a visual medium, that helps too. There’s that old saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So, if you get the right images, coupled with your words, you’ll have a winning combination.

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Motivational cartoon strip – Pozzy Tivv!

February 13, 2008


Here’s an old strip I started a few years ago – my original idea was to do it weekly on my web site, maybe I should do it on here?(Or both!) Let me know your thoughts!?

Best wishes,


Weekly motivational cartoon strip - Pozzy Tivv!

Writing your problems down!

Cartoons for web campaign!

February 12, 2008

Doug Dissout cartoon character


Here are some cartoons I did a few years ago for someone who wanted a weekly updated motivational cartoon. Unfortunately he moved jobs before it ever being released into cyberspace.

Let me know if you’d like to do something similar on your web site!?

Best wishes,


Path of inactivity cartoon

Goal setting cartoon!