‘If I don’t use it then I’ll lose it.’

This is one of around 100 short pieces that Peter Sinclair wrote and I illustrated with cartoons from a book titled: Smile Your Way Yo Success!

Limbs encased in plaster and then suddenly released from their dark enclosure need a lot of exercise before they can get back into normal operation. So too are your talents, your mind and your imagination if you for some reason have neglected them. Many dreams have passed on with their owners to the grave through lack of use, but yet you can breathe fresh life into yours by rehearsing them in your mind and by living them out in your daily affairs. Once you have identified your strengths, then strengthen them through consistent use. By doing this you will not lose. You will win.

Written by Peter Sinclair of: http://www.motivationalmemo.com

Start of Race - On your marks, get set - GO!


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